Full Service. Complete Automation. One Solution.

Choosing the right system for your home isn’t always easy. Here’s how we can help.

Home Security Installers Expert Advice

Chat with one of our brand representatives to gain a full understanding on our products & services, and we’ll guide you towards customizing the ideal security system for your home.

Professional installations

Have your system professionally installed by one of our certified technicians to ensure it gets taken care of on time and without any mistakes. We understand your time is valuable and we’re happy to help.

Advanced Technologies

Increase the capability and security of your home with access to extended products and services. You can never have too much automation or protection when it comes to your home.

24/7 Monitoring

Stay connected to our support agents who aid in dispatching emergency services in the event of an emergency. Relax and enjoy your time away with family while we ensure your home is protected.


Current full service areas include:

Greater Edmonton Area - 100 Kilometer Radius 
Greater Calgary Area - 100 Kilometer Radius 
Greater Lloydminster Area - 100 Kilometer Radius 


Turnip Home is pleased to offer our full service solutions to clients in select areas.
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