Khrome Nail Bar YEG - Community Highlight

Khrome Nail Bar YEG - Community Highlight

We love local businesses and we are so excited to have been able to do another community highlight with Khrome Nail Bar in downtown Edmonton. Trust us, whether you're heading over for a quick drink at their fully licensed bar or you want a little spa day, Khrome is the place to be.

Check out the full video interview here:

How did Khrome Nail Bar get its start?
Khrome started a few years ago. Owners Edona and Ona explain that their father had always wanted to own a family-run business. After he passed a few years earlier, Edona and Ona decided it was time to start a business. They wanted to create something new and different and that is where Khrome Nail Bar begins.

Why Khrome with a “K”?
Edona and Ona's family originates from Kosovo. By adding the “K” to the name of their business they are bringing a little piece of Kosovo to Canada.

How has COVID affected your business?
As a small family-run business, they rely on day-to-day sales in order to keep the doors open. By being forced to closed due to lockdown and restrictions, they have been unable to generate any income through these months. It has been a challenge on the business and they are very happy to be able to be open now and welcome in the YEG community once again.

Why is Khrome different from other Salons?
Khrome nail bar is a fully-licensed cocktail bar so whether your looking to have a cocktail with your service or just want to pop in for a drink, Khrome is happy to welcome you in.

What would you want someone who has never heard of Khrome to know?
Khrome Nail Bar is a business operated and owned by two young female entrepreneurs. Both Edona and Ona are proud business women chasing their dreams, working hard, and making it happen!

Can you tell us about the famous Khrome chairs?
The chairs are Khrome Nail Bar are no ordinary spa chairs. Edona and Ona both traveled across the world to find the perfect chairs for their space and got them custom made to make sure they were perfect! You’ll have to come by and check them out for yourselves!

Why did you choose to go with Turnip Smart Home?
After hearing so many glowing reviews about Turnip, it seemed like the obvious choice to go with. Once installed, Turnip was always there when they needed them. Turnip is on call 24/7 for all of our security needs. The owners are immediately notified of any security issues at the business and Turnip is just a call away. They can always go back and look at the security footage when they need it as well. Being a business in the downtown core, there can definitely be some security issues if you are not careful. Once installing Turnip home, Edona and Ona felt safe and secure and always know that their business is in good hands.

We had a blast chatting with Edona at Khrome Nail Bar. Make sure to head over and visit for a drink or some services. You can check out their website here!